Why we use 3M Braces?

We are serious about getting an amazing result quickly and with reduced discomfort. That’s why the kinds of braces an orthodontist uses matter. We know the details matter to get you a beautiful smile.

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Fewer Office Visits

Because the 3M Advanced Braces gently straighten your teeth over time you will have fewer office visits.

Better results in less time

The 3M Advanced Braces System allows us to achieve amazing smiles in as little as 12 months!

Amazing comfort

Unlike traditional braces, with 3M Braces we can move your teeth with lighter forces meaning less discomfort for you.

High Quality

We’re serious about quality – and we wouldn’t be using any other bracket than 3M Advanced Braces because we know they are a great experience.

More about Adult Braces

The 3M Advanced Braces technology helps us focus on the details

3M Advanced Braces are a proven bracket system that Larson Orthodontics is proud to offer for both adults and teens. See the video below to find out more!

What are 3M Advanced Braces?

Our 3M Advanced Braces are a set of high-tech braces that use a unique metal brace to hold the archwire in place. This allows Dr. Larson to put gentler, more specific, forces on each tooth to generate movement. This creates a faster than expected and gentler than expected experience for our patients.

Is there a Clear Braces Option?

3M Advanced Braces also have a clear option called 3M Clear Braces. 3M Clear Braces (Clarity Clear) has virtually all the benefits of 3M Advanced Braces, but with a unique clear design that allows our patients to have a discreet, clear option. At your initial consultation, Dr. Larson will help determine if it’s a good option for you.

Never Just A Smile

Learn why we never say “just” at Larson Orthodontics