Why LightForce Braces?

LightForce Braces use cutting-edge technology to provide clear brackets that are customized to the exact shape of each of your teeth. Specialized trays place each bracket exactly where it needs to go to provide maximum movement with minimum discomfort. 

The result is a gorgeous smile in less time than traditional braces and with more comfort than with other treatment methods. You’ll be amazed at the end result!

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Built Uniquely for You

LightForce Braces are created just for you using some of the world’s most sophisticated 3D technology. Each bracket is specially designed to fit each of your teeth. 

LightPlan Software

Cutting-edge software takes detailed 3D scans of your teeth and creates custom braces. Utilizing that technology, Dr. Larson works to craft a treatment plan just for you!

Shorter Treatments

A custom, made-for-you bracket system means more efficiency. Less time in treatment, less time in the office, and less time waiting to show off your new smile!

Fewer Problems

Precision placement of LightForce brackets means fewer chances of breaks. The personalized-fit makes LightForce braces more comfortable than traditional braces. 

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LightForce Braces Help Us Create The Best Orthodontic Experience

LightForce Braces are customized to create a more comfortable and more efficient treatment, giving you your ideal smile in less time!

What are LightForce Braces?

LightForce Braces use 3D printing technology to create brackets that are customized to your teeth. Special LightPlan software produces a detailed treatment plan that provides maximum efficiency, so you get a new smile quickly and more comfortably than in the past.

How Does The Process Work?

We begin with detailed, 3D scans of your teeth. Then, our LightPlan software is able to pinpoint the exact spot on each tooth where pressure applied by the custom bracket will provide maximum movement with minimal discomfort. 

What Are LightForce Braces Made Of?

LightForce Braces are custom printed from a special ceramic polycrystalline alumina material that better match the natural color of your tooth. Not only do you get amazing results, but you get them without having to wear a “mouthful of metal.” 



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