Never “JUST”…

The process of putting together a new website was exciting for us! Surprisingly, the entire process has been thought-provoking as well!

Part of that process for us was making new videos about what our potential patients should expect from Larson Orthodontics. We loved thinking about who we are and what made us tick as a group of caregivers. We wanted to make sure that what people saw on these videos was truthful to what is actually happening, every day, in our office.

One of the things that stood out in our minds was this philosophy that there is no JUST in our office. It isn’t JUST a smile. These aren’t JUST braces. You aren’t JUST a patient with us. JUST might as well be a four-letter-word in our office.

Because of that, we made a video about how we hate the word JUST!

Never Just A Smile

Learn why we never say “just” at Larson Orthodontics

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