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Now that a chill tinges the air, we finally get to celebrate Fall, and we want to do it right!

We thought that if we share our Fall Favorites with you, you might share yours, too! So let’s get in the spirit of colorful leaves, hot drinks, and wool socks:

Susan: What I love best about Fall is pumpkin spice, of course! Cardigans and boots. Everything pumpkin and orange everywhere! Especially Fall runs in the cool weather. 

Jenn: What I love most about Fall is The Georgia Bulldogs. GO DAWGS!! I enjoy campfires, Fall festivals, and I loooove apple cider!

Marlene: What I love best about Fall are the leaves changing colors, visiting Shenandoah for the view and the bears and making a BIG leaf pile and jumping in it!

Robin:: What I love best about Fall is college football!!! To be exact, South Carolina Gamecocks! The Patriots and Tom Brady! Hoodies and NO pumpkin spice ?

Becca: What I love most about Fall are the crispy leaves, campfires, baking pumpkin pies, and the beautiful memories created, like my proposal and making my dog a groomsman at my wedding! ?

Nancy: What I love most about Fall is getting my kids all dressed up for Halloween! And, the fact Halloween is in the Fall I get to be creative face painting!

Hopefully, we have warmed your heart and made you think of your Fall favorites, too! Here’s to a new season of beautiful memories. We hope it’s filled with the smell of cider spices and the people you love. 

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