For far too long we have associated orthodontic treatment, particularly braces, as being something that is only for children or teenagers. But a growing number of adults are seeking out orthodontic treatment! Some of them want a new smile, while others are seeking relief from painful issues. Others have been referred by their dentist or other oral health professionals. Of course, we treat all kinds of patients no matter their age. But we want to be especially sensitive to our adult patients who may feel a little bit insecure about pursuing orthodontic treatment. That’s why we put together a list of reasons why an adult should consider braces or Invisalign. If one of these reasons resonates with you, try a free Virtual Consult from the privacy of your own home!

1. Because I want to.

Honestly, “because I want to” is all the reason you need to justify getting braces as an adult. No one should ever make you feel like you need to get braces; that kind of unhealthy peer pressure leads to body image issues that no one should have to deal with. But if you feel deep down in your bones that a bright, straight smile is something that you want, then we say: Go for it! We can make it happen For you because you want it to be.

2. Because I can.

Another reason you might want to consider braces as an adult is because now you can. Not everyone’s parents were able to afford braces for their children while they were growing up , and maybe you found yourself in a situation in which you now have dental insurance and the means to cover the remainder. That allows you to make the choice to do something you may have wanted since you were a teenager. That’s awesome! We’re so glad that this decision is now in your hands. We’d love to walk with you from the beginning to the end of your treatment!

staffandpatient LarsonOrthodontics AlexandriaVA smilesbylarson.com17 - Adult Braces: Seven Reasons to Take the First Step3. Because I’m uncomfortable.

Do you have TMJ? Or another structural problem in our mouth? Braces can help you overcome a painful physical diagnosis. You shouldn’t have to live life feeling pain because of your jaw or because of overcrowding in your mouth. If you’ve had enough of the pain your teeth or jaw are causing you, then we absolutely want to help you defeat that problem.

4. Because it’s hard to chew.

Related to reason #3, you may also experience pain or difficulty chewing because of a misaligned bite. Maybe you have an overbite or an underbite that has caused your problems in the past. Adult treatment through braces or Invisalign Can help fix a bite pattern So that you can chew your food in a natural and efficient manner. This is a great reason to get braces and one that will affect your overall health as much as anything else in terms of dental care.

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5. To reduce or prevent tooth decay

Another thing that braces can do is to space your teeth in a way that prevents overcrowding. Among the many reasons this is a great thing is that it allows you to get dental floss and toothbrush bristles in between your teeth. When you can’t access that space it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and decay which could lead to much bigger problems such as extraction or root canals. No one wants to go through either of those and we can help you avoid it through skilled treatment.

6. Braces are better than they used to be!

Remember when you were a kid and you saw what other kids were going through with their braces? Many times watching others didn’t make your heart sing. It appeared to be a scary experience. But you need to know that technology has changed a great deal since you were a kid. In fact, even if you’re only in your mid 20s a lot has changed in the last 10 years. For instance, clear braces and clear aligners have really changed the game in the orthodontics field. You might be one of the patients who comes in and finds that Invisalign is the best treatment option, which means that you could be improving your oral health without hardly anyone even noticing.

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7. To improve dental health and hygiene.

Finally, and somewhat related to reason #5, the end result of orthodontic treatment can be a set of teeth that are easier to clean and treat by your regular dentist. straightening your teeth and fixing your bite makes it easier for dental hygienists to get their tools between Your teeth, and to get a good look at what’s going on through the X Rays. That’s not a bad feature.

Whatever reasons you bring to the topic of getting braces, they are yours. We think that as an adult you should get to make that decision on your own and for yourself, not because of societal expectations or peer pressure. We want you to know whatever your personal reason is, we are here to help you get the smile that you want.

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