Of all the things we care about most, it’s patients smiling with us.


staff and patient Larson Orthodontics Alexandria VA smilesbylarson.com363 - Our Smiling Patients

Up to now, we have shared our videos and photos of our team, our financing and why we even built a website in the first place.

But there’s one thing we dare not forget: Why we do this in the first place!

For us, it’s all about “The Smile”. We know that our job is creating beautiful smiles, but it’s also to make sure you’re so happy with our service that you’re smiling the whole time.

We love what we do and we love the fact that from start to finish people are always smiling with us. So we thought we’d take just a second and show a few of our proud smiles off to everyone!

Never Just A Smile

Learn why we never say “just” at Larson Orthodontics

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